Adopting a child is a joyful and positive event. However, it is also a complex legal matter. One misstep can delay the addition to your family. It is important to choose an adoption lawyer who understands the process and can help you bring the new member into your family as efficiently as possible. You will find a trusted lawyer at Schwam-Wilcox & Associates in Orlando.

We Handle All Types Of Adoption

Our attorneys know how to navigate all varieties of adoption:

Infant adoption: We can assist with private placement adoptions, also known as independent adoptions. We can handle in-state child adoptions. We can also provide guidance on agency adoptions.

Adult adoption: Adopting an adult is not merely a symbolic step. When the individual is adopted, he or she gains all of the rights of a birth child, including inheritance rights. Adult adoption may be an important step to take when planning an estate or creating a will.

Stepparent adoption: Stepparent adoption can be complex, and termination of parental rights of the birth parent may become contentious in some cases. We can assist stepparents in adopting their stepchildren.

Second-parent adoption: This is an option for GLBT couples in which one parent has brought a child into the relationship and the other wishes to legally obtain the rights and obligations of a birth parent.

Dependency adoptions: When an adoption stems from a dependency case related to allegations of child abuse, neglect or abandonment, serious issues need to be addressed. Our attorneys can address them.

Regardless of the type of adoption you need help with, you can be confident that we will work closely with you to make certain everything goes smoothly. You will be frequently updated about the progress of your case, and you will find that we are easily accessible.

Learn More About Adoption

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