Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Bankruptcy A Serious Issue in Florida

Orlando bankruptcy recently increased significantly. Many families are forced into bankruptcy because of various reasons, including their inability to pay their mortgage. Perhaps they took out a second mortgage and they now owe more than the home is worth. Or perhaps they took out their first mortgage with an adjustable interest rate and payment that is now impossible to make. Or maybe they had medical bills not covered by insurance.

Camy B. Schwam-Wilcox is an Orlando chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer who can help you with debt relief through filing for bankruptcy. Overwhelming debt is a very stressful issue. When you hire a Florida personal bankruptcy attorney, your stress should be relieved, not increased.

At our law firm, that is what we do — reduce stress and provide debt relief.

Is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Right for You?

Many people believe that Florida is the easiest state in the nation in which to declare bankruptcy that used to be true, but is no longer the case. Florida has tightened the rules, but an experienced Orlando chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer can help you wipe out your debt through bankruptcy.

At our law firm, we have experience with the following:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy for businesses includes corporations, sole proprietorships, Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and partnerships
  • Stop creditor harassment and stop wage garnishment with a chapter 7 bankruptcy for individuals
  • Wipe out credit card debt with a chapter 7 bankruptcy for individuals
  • Keep your home and car while completing a chapter 7 bankruptcy to liquidate other debts
  • Stop home foreclosure with a chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Keep your rental property with a chapter 13 bankruptcy


There is a new law that is currently still in effect that may benefit you. In the McNeal vs. GMAC Mortgage case, the 11th Circuit is now allowing us to strip off second mortgages in Chapter 7 cases.


That means that right now, if you reopen your case, we may be able to eliminate your second mortgage. That is, if at the time of filing, your house (homestead) was appraised at less than what you owed on your first mortgage. In the past this option was only offered to people filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy.


It is unclear as to how long this new law will remain in effect, as like any law the matter can/may go to a rehearing and be changed. The law changes often, so no one can answer this question, so to ensure that you are able to benefit from this new law change, time is of the essences.


Call our office today to schedule your consultation and it would be best if you brought your petition with you and any proof of the value of your home at the time you filed your Petition for Bankruptcy. We did not have to be your original attorney's on your bankruptcy case.

Filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy is your opportunity to start over with a clean slate.

Prompt and Personal Service

We understand that if you are facing overwhelming debt, it may seem as though the walls are caving in and there is no way out of your situation. We offer a non-judgmental helping hand. When you come to our law firm you will find:

  • An attorney who meets personally with every client
  • A law firm that provides financial specialists when needed
  • A non-judgmental approach
  • Evening hours available for phone calls or late night filings to stop home foreclosures
  • Step by step guidance about the process and what to expect

Straight Talk and Strong Advocacy for Every Client

If you are in need of a Seminole County DWI attorney, a bankruptcy lawyer, or a family law firm experienced with collaborative divorce, please contact us for a consultation (criminal and personal bankruptcy consultations are complimentary). Call 407-982-2714 or 888-337-5886, or send us an e-mail. We can help you through your difficult time.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.