Child Abuse

Child abuse occurs when one intentionally inflicts physical, sexual or mental injury upon a child, commits an act intentionally that can reasonably be expected to result in physical or mental injury to a child or actually encourages another person to engage in acts that result or could reasonably result in physical or mental injury to a child. Child abuse is a third-degree felony.

If you are charged with child abuse, you may want to seek legal counsel to determine if you have any defenses to such an allegation. Child abuse has aggravating factors that can increase your penalties. Commonly, a criminal child abuse case will result in a dependency case being filed if the defendant is also a parent or legal guardian to the victim. Dependency is when a child is abused, abandoned or neglected. Failure to protect your child who is being abused is also a criminal offense. A parent has a duty to protect his or her children from harm.

Criminal Defense Against Child Abuse Charges

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