Record Sealing And Expunction

Expunction is the act of destroying information, including criminal records. If your record is expunged it is no longer public; therefore, no other agency will have access to such records. Certain government agencies will receive a statement saying that there is a record that has been expunged.

Only one arrest record may be expunged per proceeding, unless the court determines that another charge was directly related to the record you are seeking to have expunged. Further, this can only be done one time in your life.

There are a number of criminal offenses that cannot be expunged. A list of these offenses is enumerated in the Florida Statutes. This entire process from application to Order can take from six (6) to eight (8) months, so it is not something that can be done last minute for a specific purpose. In some cases you will have to have your case sealed for a period of time before it can be expunged. Your case can only qualify if you have received a withhold of adjudication and it remains a withhold.

Some types of crimes on your record may cause you a difficult time in obtaining employment, and it is best to have this type of matter taken care of before you commence the employment process due to the length of time this process takes. An arrest itself cannot be sealed or expunged; it is just the charge and the sentence that may be sealed or expunged.

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