Family Law Mediation

Mediation is not only an important means of alternative dispute resolution (ADR); it is also required in most divorce cases in Orlando and throughout Florida. At Schwam-Wilcox & Associates, we can guide your case through mediation or provide mediator services. Our founding lawyer, Camy B. Schwam-Wilcox, has attended more than 100 mediations; she is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator; she knows what makes a mediator effective and what makes a mediator ineffective.

How Divorce Mediation Works

Mediation is different from collaborative divorce, but adheres to the same principle of having the divorcing parties work together to resolve disputes over property division, child custody and visitation, and other matters. It provides the parties all of the power to make decisions for their family instead of a Judge who may or may not understand the situation.

Mediation can take place with all of the participants in the same room or with the wife in one room with her attorney and the husband in another room with his attorney. The mediation can start off all together and break out into private sessions called a caucus. Mediation is confidential, and no one can be called to testify about what was said at mediation, including the mediator. However, confidentiality of communications during mediation is not required where disclosure is required or permitted by law (intent to commit a crime, child abuse, etc.).

The Mediator's Role

The mediator facilitates discussions toward a reasonable, equitable and livable resolution to the parties' problems. The mediator provides options and alternatives to assist two people who may not be able to communicate with each other well enough to resolve their issues. The mediator is not permitted to provide either side with legal advice, even if they are pro se (representing themselves). The mediator may point out possible outcomes of the case and discuss merits of a claim or defense.

Interested In Mediation Or Hiring A Mediator?

Whether you want to use mediation to resolve your divorce or you are already represented by a lawyer but need to hire a mediator, we can help. Call 407-982-2714 or 888-337-5886, or send us an email.