Child Support

On the surface, calculating child support may seem simple. The state of Florida website includes a child support calculator you can print out and fill in; however, it is not as simple as it appears. One error in the calculation could result in you receiving or paying an incorrect amount of child support. You want your child support payments to be correct the first time.

At Schwam-Wilcox & Associates in Orlando, we help people in Orange County and throughout Florida correctly calculate child support. Our child support attorneys have the experience to make certain that there is no underpayment or overpayment.

Factors For Calculating Child Support

Child support calculations are a determination that is separate from but included in a divorce agreement. They may also be necessary in a paternity case. Child support is mandated for a biological parent or adoptive parent. The calculation takes into account the following factors:

  • The number of children
  • The combined family net income
  • Monthly child care costs
  • Monthly health insurance costs for the children
  • Time-sharing arrangements

These are the most common factors, but there may be other factors as well. We will make certain that no factors are overlooked. Sometimes, there may be deviations from the guidelines outlined by Florida law. If a deviation makes sense, we will pursue it. Ultimately, we want to see that the appropriate amount of money is set aside for your child.

After A Child Support Determination Is Made

Once a determination is made and ordered, it must be followed unless the situation changes substantially. A child support modification may be made if one parent loses a job, becomes disabled or sees a substantial increase or decrease in income (These are limited examples). We can determine if a modification of child support is possible and help you pursue it.

If the payor parent has fallen behind on payments and child support enforcement is needed, we can help. If you have been accused of not paying child support, we can offer advice and guidance for remedying the situation. The main type of action used to address nonpayment and to collect back child support is a motion for contempt.

A motion for contempt is used when parts of the divorce decree dealing with monetary issues are not being followed. Failure to pay child support can lead to driver's license suspension, passport suspension or being remanded to jail for up to 179 days.

Learn More About Child Support

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