Property Division

One of the most contentious issues in most divorce cases is division of property. At Schwam-Wilcox & Associates, our property division lawyers are skilled at helping people in Orlando, Orange County and throughout Florida protect their assets during divorce. We can address everything from common assets like the family home and bank accounts to businesses, stock options and investment accounts, out-of state-real estate and more.

Marital Assets Versus Nonmarital Assets

All marital assets are subject to property division during divorce. The name attached to the asset makes no difference. If the asset was acquired during the marriage, it is typically considered a marital asset. The exception is that if the asset was purchased using nonmarital funds, meaning assets or money acquired prior to the marriage, the asset may be classified as nonmarital.

Equitable distribution can be complex; therefore, it is critical that you have one of our knowledgeable lawyers on your side. We will make certain that all assets are properly classified, and we will work with asset valuation experts as necessary to make certain the true value of all assets is understood to ensure a fair division of property.

Equitable Distribution Of Property

Florida is an equitable distribution state, which means that marital assets and debts are to be split fairly, but not necessarily equally. In some cases, such as when one spouse stayed at home to raise the children, and has a lower earning capacity because of his or her years out of the workforce, it may be fair to shift the balance from a 50-50 division of assets and liabilities to a pro rata share. Our goal is to pursue a fair outcome, and help you get what you need and deserve for your future.

Learn More About Property Division

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