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Orlando Family Law Blog

Should I File Bankruptcy?

The decision to file Bankruptcy is a tough decision and one that should not be taken lightly, it will affect your credit for ten (10) years. People file bankruptcy for many different reasons, and some people have a moral aversion about bankruptcy; however, this federal law was enacted to protect the debtor and to assist when there are financial hardships that cannot be overcome alone. You need to know what assets you could potentially lose and what chapter you can file to protect your assets. Bankruptcy can help you save your home from foreclosure, stop a garnishment and it puts an end to those annoying debt collector phone calls (these are just some examples). Sometimes your income is a factor, and other times it is not depending up what type of bankruptcy you need to file.

Should I Negotiate With My Creditors?

You are not required to have an attorney to negotiate with your creditors; however, when an attorney calls to work out a "deal", the creditor is put on notice that you are serious, you took the step to make this debt go away, and if the creditor is not willing to negotiate a reduced payment, you may just file bankruptcy and the creditor runs the risk of getting nothing instead of something. Believe it or not, if you are not behind for at least three (3) months, the creditors are not interested in negotiations, even with an attorney; this is not a good approach to obtain good credit, of course, you need to realize that although you are not paying your bills for three (3) months to gain negotiation leverage, if you change your mind or the creditor will not reduce the balance as much as you have anticipated being three (3) months behind may cause your finances some devastating results. You have to have a plan, a strategy to be sure to get the best settlement offer while preparing for the worst, if you do not like the way the negotiations concluded. Let the attorneys at Schwam-Wilcox & Associates assist you in devising the best plan to attempt to reduce your balances and interest rates in order to pay off some of your unsecured debt. You can reach the firm by calling 407-245-7700, e-mailing at or visiting our website at , remember, When you're going through your worst, we are at our Best. Home Offices: Orlando, Kissimmee, and The Villages

ALIMONY REFORM: To Change Or Not To Change

There has been a lot of "noise" about alimony reform for the last several years. The statue changes have been vetoed for different reasons in the past: retroactive language, and adding time sharing to the bill are the two most significant reasons that the bill has been vetoed; however, this legislative session, the bill was not placed on the agenda; therefore, it would not have the opportunity to make it out of committee to even be voted upon. Alimony reform appears to be something that will eventually occur, but there is no telling when this will happen and what exact changes will take place. You cannot worry about a future statutory change when preparing for your case, as any statute may change .