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Court holds Rodman in contempt for not paying child support

Divorce can be a complex emotional and financial process, increasing in complexity if the couple has children. For divorcing Florida parents, reaching agreements on child custody and the amount of child support can be two of the most important aspects of a divorce. They also retain their importance in the years following the separation. If one parent does not provide the required child support, the other can seek legal enforcement of that parent's support obligations.

Such was the case with former basketball star Dennis Rodman, who is a current resident of Florida. Rodman and his wife--with whom he had two children--divorced after a year of marriage. The couple's divorce agreement required Rodman to provide child and spousal support, and his current monthly obligation is $4,500. Rodman, however, had failed to follow the agreement, amassing approximately $800,000 in child support debt.

His former wife sued to enforce the child support agreement, and Rodman was found in contempt for failing to make the required payments. Failure to obey a child support order can have serious consequences in Florida, including the suspension of a person's license and even possible time in jail. Rodman avoided jail, but will have to complete 104 hours of community service and he will be on probation for three years.

Rodman's lawyer argued that his client had little money left and was living on an income far below that which he earned as a professional basketball player. Child support orders can be modified to reflect a change in the paying parent's circumstances, such as if that parent loses a job or sees a dramatic reduction in income.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, "Dennis Rodman Sentenced To Probation For Failing To Pay Child Support," May 29, 2012.

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