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June 2012 Archives

Property division one complex issue facing divorcing boomers

Florida residents reaching the traditional retirement age of 65 this year are some of the earliest members of the baby boomer generation. Throughout their lives, boomers have experienced and caused changes that have profoundly reshaped America's culture, politics and history. That generation is also initiating a change in the rate at which people are divorcing.

Dwyane Wade seeks supervision for children's visits with ex-wife

Depending on their team affiliations, some Florida residents may be reveling this morning in the Heat's championship-clinching victory last night. While one of the team's stars has reason to be happy over his excellent playoff run, he is also involved in a difficult child custody dispute with his former wife regarding her visitation rights to the couple's two children.

New state law expands fathers' ability to challenge paternity

According to the governor of one state, 43 percents of births in that state occur out of wedlock. But that is surely not an isolated statistic. There are children born to unmarried women in Florida and every state in the country. While paternity is all but assured in some of those cases, in others the matter is unclear.

Woman says ex-husband used credit to buy gifts before divorce

When it comes time to divide a divorcing couple's property in Florida, the resulting financial accounting can occasionally reveal that one spouse has hidden or even wasted some assets. This information can have a great effect on the process of equitable division, a facts-and-circumstances inquiry that splits property fairly according to each couple's particular situation.