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November 2012 Archives

Domestic violence suspect misunderstands marriage rights

It is certainly true that being married gives a couple rights that aren't enjoyed by unwed couples. But one Hollywood man who apparently believes that being married gives him the right to abuse his wife is now in legal trouble because of the incident. The victim in this case should be aware of her legal rights to help protect her from domestic violence in the future.

Florida man blames divorce for bad behavior

There are a number of mental, emotional and financial challenges involved with the end of a marriage. Although a couple may legally and physically go their separate ways, feelings of anger, betrayal and pain can linger and cause problems later on if they don't deal with those emotions. It is often a good idea for divorcees to get counseling to help them work through any residual issues they may have regarding their separations from their spouses.

Florida domestic violence victims have a new source of help

Florida is seeing a growing problem with domestic violence. In 2011 alone, 111,681 incidents were reported, and 192 people were killed in domestic violence cases. While these numbers are high, new hope exists for Florida victims through the newly formed Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence Foundation.

Having a financial strategy key to domestic abuse victims

A person's financial situation is one of the biggest factors when it comes to leaving an abusive relationship. This makes having a strong financial strategy important for the one in four women who will face domestic violence. Florida victims should also be aware of the laws surrounding domestic violence to help them make better legal decisions and to stay safe.