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Former Orlando basketball star's child custody case heats up

Cases involving child support and custody can be a very tricky after parents break up. Whether the pair is married or not is less important than the well-being of the child. Joint child custody is often viewed favorably by the courts, and parents seeking sole custody must overcome this in order to avoid sharing the responsibility of raising children.

The girlfriend of NBA player Dwight Howard filed documents with a Florida court requesting the basketball star pay for her legal costs in the couple's ongoing custody battle. The lawyers for Howard's girlfriend note that she has already racked up over $44,000 in legal fees, and expect that figure to grow to more than $100,000 if she continues to pursue the case. Howard played formerly for the Orlando Magic, and his girlfriend was a cheerleader for the team when the two met.

Documents filed by the girlfriend claim the basketball player makes over $1.3 million per month, an amount that far outweighs her own. She is asking the court to level the playing field by requiring Howard to pay all of her legal fees in the case.

Those who are struggling with contentious child custody or support cases should understand their rights and obligations under the law. Many different factors affect custody rulings, and those involved in such a case must address each of these in order to receive a satisfactory outcome.

Source: Atlanta Black Star, "Dwight Howard's Child Support Case Gets More Testy," Nov. 26, 2012

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