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Injunction denied against Orlando police officer

Domestic violence is a serious issue that many families are unfortunately faced with. The victim in a domestic situation can file an injunction of protection to prevent the accused from seeing children and themselves. It is essential to understand all legal rights and options available when facing domestic violence.

An Orlando police officer faces a possible injunction after two alleged domestic violence incidents. The officer has been arrested twice this year for the alleged physical abuse of his girlfriend.

The woman's former brother-in-law filed for a petition against the officer that would prevent any interactions between the accused and the petitioner's family. He argued that his children lived part-time with his ex-wife, who is the sister of the woman allegedly abused by the police officer. He expressed concern over his children's safety, as the officer was frequently around them. A judge denied the petition, stating that it showed no evidence of repeat violence from the officer.

In January of this year, the officer was arrested after his girlfriend alleged that he pulled her out of bed and then pushed her. The officer went to an alcohol treatment center after the incident.

A court granted a domestic violence injunction against the officer in August after an incident involving his ex-wife. A judge ruled he was only allowed to carry a handgun while on duty.

A further incident in November resulted in the officer's arrest after he was accused of domestic violence. Police charged him with tampering with evidence and violating the domestic abuse injunction after hearing him ask a friend to remove a handgun from his home while he was in jail. The officer is currently being monitored with a GPS tracking device.

Domestic violence situations are very dangerous for the victims. Fortunately, there are legal tools an individual can use to get out of a bad situation. An experienced family law attorney can help explain what options are available.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, "Judge denies domestic violence injunction against Orlando cop," Bianca Prieto, Nov. 30, 2012

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