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Child support enforcement results in license suspension

Families in Orlando may rely on child support payments to ensure that a child's financial needs are met. Missed child support payments place undue stress on custodial parents, even in cases of joint custody, and child support enforcement is the responsibility of the state. Those who seek to amend or request enforcement of existing child support agreements should strive to understand their rights and responsibilities under the law.

In the state of Florida, authorities may suspend the driver's license of a parent who has not made court-ordered payments. One woman contacted the Department of Revenue repeatedly after only sporadic payments were made by the father of her son. The DOR responded by suspending the father's license in October, but they reinstated it after a single payment of less than $150 was made.

The St. Petersburg woman provided her paperwork to a local reporter who contacted the DOR on her behalf. The agency contacted the woman and the revocation process was restarted in December. The scheduled payments have recently been made on time. The DOR may move to reinstate a license when wage garnishment begins, if a lump sum is paid or if the person responsible for payment can prove unemployment or disability.

Parents who do not make their court-ordered child support payments leave their children without the financial support they may need for basic necessities. Those in need of child support enforcement from the Florida DOR should seek to understand how current legal guidelines regarding child support may affect their situation.

Source: ABC Action News, "How Florida gets missed child support payments," Jackie Callaway, Jan. 17, 2013

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