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GPS devices may improve domestic violence situation in Orlando

The ending of a marriage can bring many problems, including physical abuse due to escalations of arguments or high emotions. Unfortunately, domestic violence is a very real issue that many people have experienced firsthand. Physical abuse and emotional abuse can often lead to tragic results.

Readers in the Orlando area may have already heard of a new program that aims to combat domestic violence. As of Feb. 14, certain defendants who face injunctions related to domestic violence will have to put on GPS tracking devices. The GPS device will come in the shape of a bracelet which will trigger an alarm should a domestic violence offender go near a victim.

An Orange County Circuit Court judge has ordered GPS tracking in one case, where a domestic violence offender will be fitted with the GPS upon his release. Both the man and his wife will have their locations tracked via GPS. Should the man come within a certain distance of his wife, her GPS device will call 911 and issue a warning to her about his proximity.

Domestic violence in Orlando is a very real issue, with the area ranking first in the state of Florida for domestic violence cases. This device is one option that will hopefully reduce recurrence of domestic violence and alleviate victims' fears of future violence. Due to the seriousness of these incidents, it is important that victims of domestic assault be aware of their legal options by consulting a lawyer. Legal counsel can help victims of domestic violence explore how to best protect themselves and their loved ones.

Source:, "Officials: GPS device may help against domestic violence," Feb. 14, 2013

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