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Domestic violence protection funds in danger from sequestration

Victims of spousal abuse or abuse at the hands of family members often suffer long-term emotional trauma and face the continued threat of physical violence. Domestic violence is a very real issue that is faced by many Americans, not least those living in the state of Florida.

Many programs have been established to protect victims of domestic violence, but they are facing the real danger of losing funding should Congress fail to act. The upcoming sequester includes cuts that will affect funding that issued to protect victims of domestic violence. There is a very real possibility that places such as Quigley House that are meant to help victims of domestic violence will be forced to choose or limit the number of people they are able to help.

In Florida, the sequester would mean that $404,000 will be cut from the funds of the STOP Violence Against Women program. The federal government reports that this will potentially mean that 1,500 victims of domestic violence in Florida will not receive the help they need.

While there is a very real danger that some avenues of aid for domestic violence victims will be limited in the near future, there is still hope. Victims of domestic violence need to be aware that they have legal remedies that can be used to protect themselves from future domestic assault. It is important that victims of domestic assault find the solutions through which their safety, and the safety of children who might be caught in the crossfire, will be assured.

Source: Action News Jax, "Sequestration means domestic violence funding on the line," Kristen Sell, Feb. 25, 2013

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