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Understanding Child Support

Many parents going through a divorce are confused about the exact workings and regulations of child support. Child support is a continual, recurrent payment that is made by one parent and intended to support the other parent in raising the child or children. The parent who pays the child support is typically the parent who has a lower percentage of time sharing and earns more money; however, due to the formula this is not always the case.

The factors that are looked at and plugged into the formula are the parties' incomes, their percentage of the total income, which pays for the child's health insurance, what they pay for their own health insurance, child care costs, and if there is alimony or any court ordered child support for previous children. Child support is paid directly from one parent to the other, and it is the parent's responsibility to notify the courts when child support payments are failing to be paid. Most Judges prefer an Income Withdrawal Order (IWO). Parents who expect to receive child support often hire attorneys in order to ensure they receive the maximum benefits that can be provided to them.

Parents may petition the court to change the amount of child support if circumstances change in the future. Parents receiving the support may argue for increased child support if the costs of raising the child increase significantly, while the payer parents may argue to decrease child support payments if they are facing financial hardship due to a number of reasons, or their time sharing has increased to more than seventy-two (72) over nights, or for a variety of reasons; however, in order to qualify for this child support modification the support must increase or decrease by fifteen percent (15%) or fifty ($50.00) dollars, whichever is higher.

The attorneys at Schwam-Wilcox P.A. have many years of experience in determining what the actual amount of child support should be for each family. Attorney Camy B. Schwam-Wilcox is also very familiar with the court proceedings that result in a change of child support due to extraordinary circumstances, and will work hard with her team of legal assistants to ensure that you are receiving or paying the appropriate amount of child support. You can contact us

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