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Family Law attorney Camy B. Schwam-Wilcox will be presenting at the Orange County Bar Associations' New Lawyer Training Program that will be held at the OCBA center on August 2nd and August 3rd 2013. The presentation will be benefiting law students and new attorneys (practicing 1-2 years) with best practices in the courts as well as the nuts and bolts of starting their own firm. The legal community has seen so many students come out of law school, and have a rough experience because they are unable to find employment and their alternative is to open their own firm without having the benefit of having supervising attorneys assisting them. Family Law attorney Camy Schwam-Wilcox will be speaking about Dissolution of Marriage and Domestic Violence Injunctions. This presentation will be a broad overview where she will be explaining what to review in an initial consult with a prospective client, what disclosures are required, what documentation is required for an uncontested dissolution, and requirements in obtaining a domestic violence injunction in the State of Florida. For more information on how you can attend this program please contact the OCBA at 407-422-4551,, or

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