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Local police give aid to single parent

A single parent who was trying to raise his 10-year-old son while working extra shifts at his job at a restaurant received some help from the Fort Myers, Florida, Police Department. When someone reported a child walking barefoot who wasn't in school, a local law enforcement officer responded. He took the boy home but didn't see much in his apartment. The dad, who was running errands on his only day off, came home and shared his story of his struggle with paternity.

He said he works full time and has custody of his boy. He receives no financial help from the child's mother in the form of child support, and he is financially responsible for two other children. Although he has sought state assistance, he hasn't been successful in receiving it.

The responding officer and his lieutenant decided to do something about the family's need. They found some donations from a local house of faith and purchased the boy some shirts and shoes. The father expressed his appreciation for the help from law enforcement and wants to be able to give back.

The Harry Chapin Food Bank reports that the numbers of those who fall into the category of the working poor continue to climb. Their president estimates that the numbers have possibly tripled. He added that single parents are those who most often need help. Whether from divorce or the lack of a partner, single parenting contributes to poverty in this nation.

When parents divorce or separate, both of them usually contribute to the financial well-being of their children. A family lawyer might be able to help clients resolve questions related to child support and financial matters.

Source: NBC, "Fort Myers officers help struggling single dad", Clifton French, August 20, 2013