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The pitfalls of using social media in a divorce

Chances are that most Florida residents have some sort of presence in social media. Though it may seem unlikely that what one posts on a social media website could have an impact on one's divorce, it could given the right circumstances. However, taking the proper precautions can help reduce or eliminate the risks, according to an authority on the subject.

The first thing to remember is that any post a person makes on Facebook or any tweet one sends out has the potential to show up in court. Even if the post doesn't show up in court, it has the potential to complicate the entire process. Because of this, the most simple step to take is shutting down all social media activity during a divorce.

For many people, however, shutting down all social media use is not practical or possible. Those who continue to use social media should be sure to review their privacy settings. Even after unfriending a former spouse, what a person posts can still reach them through mutual acquaintances. It's also advisable for one to not discuss anything happening in a divorce case in social media, especially courtroom rulings. Also, discussing anything talked about between a person and their attorney on a social site could possibly be considered as a waiving of attorney-client privilege. Otherwise, using discretion and refraining from posting anything that could show a person in a bad light is also important.

Many parts of a person's life that may otherwise seem unrelated to divorce can have an impact on their divorce proceedings. Given how important the outcome of a divorce can be to the rest of a person's life, taking steps to protect their rights and interests is paramount. An attorney may be able to advise clients on further ways to avoid damaging their case via social media and other ways to protect their interests during their divorce.

Source: WTOP, "Navigating social media during a divorce", Neal Augenstein, September 09, 2013

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