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Alimony Reform: get involved

Alimony reform has been a hot topic for several months now, and although it was just vetoed by Governor Scott not too long ago, we cannot lose sight that it actually passed in both bodies in our State Congress. The bill was vetoed for two (2) major reasons: 1) the retroactivity of the bill, and 2) the time sharing language that was added to the end of the bill. There are people out there that are against any form of alimony; however, there are circumstances that would warrant alimony in some cases. It would be an injustice to our citizens if alimony was abolished all together. As it stands now, the Judges do not award alimony each time it is requested, there must be a preponderance of the evidence to warrant such an award, and if there is an abuse of discretion, we have the appellate court to assist. The people who seem to be leading this "War" against alimony are all payor's of alimony or the "Second Wives Club" who do not want to have their husband's paying money to their former spouse. We have to look deeper into why alimony was started and who should and should not qualify for the same. Be careful what you read, as some groups are actually misstating the laws about alimony to get the citizens of Florida to sign their petitions and rally in their marches. It is important to be informed and understand the consequences of what will happen if alimony is abolished all together.

Do not get your legal advice from payors who are upset with the system because they are paying alimony, they do not site the correct law, nor do they advise you of all the facts in their case...their "stories" are the same... "My trial was not fair", or " the judge did not listen to my evidence". For the facts about the current alimony laws, and the possible changes, you can contact the attorneys at Camy B. Schwam-Wilcox P.A. at or 407-245-7700. We have argued both sides of the argument in obtaining alimony for clients or arguing against the same. Further, we have experience in alimony modifications and terminations. We will continue to update this alimony reform blog as time passes and let you know what to do to help.


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