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Questions to ask when divorcing

Floridians considering divorce can make the process less painful if they ask the right questions at the outset. It is important to have a clear understanding of the divorce attorney's fee structure and expected costs from the beginning. Although this fee schedule isn't written in stone, it is helpful to have a mutual understanding of how the costs are determined, especially after the retainer fee is depleted.

Another important subject to clarify is what is the expected amount of child/spousal support that will be ordered. This may vary by state, and it will be helpful to bring financial documentation. This includes tax returns, credit card statements, paycheck stubs, retirement account statements and similar financial documents that inform as to assets, living expenses and debts.

If children are involved, an understanding of state law concerning parental rights, visitation rights and child sharing is vital. Questioning if mediation is required and how that works is helpful as is knowing at what point in the process mediation is mandated. It is also beneficial to find out what information is needed from the client divorcing. Financial disclosures are usually required to determine an equitable property division and child support. In cases of child custody disputes, keeping a diary, recording interaction with the spouse and any incidents that may impact a custody hearing, may be useful.

Having the correct information and understanding of processes involved may help prevent unpleasant surprises and misunderstandings. Discussing these subjects with the divorce lawyer at the outset may help anticipate spousal demands and avoid a drawn-out divorce dispute. The end of a marriage can be filled with emotion and bitterness but being prepared can make it easier on everyone concerned.

Source: Huffington Post, "Divorce Confidential: Asking the Right Questions in a Divorce", Caroline Choi, December 04, 2013

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