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Domestic violence victims can find help 24/7

Awareness of the problem of domestic violence in Florida and across the nation has risen, especially since the O.J. Simpson trial. Many law enforcement agencies treat the crime much more seriously than they did three or four decades ago. However, the problem is still far from over. Even when a victim has filed an order of protection, offenders sometimes ignore those injunctions and initiate contact with the victim. People who are running from an abusive situation may have limited resources or act out of fear. They are afraid for both their own safety and that of any children who might be involved.

In 2012, statistics showed that more than 5,000 orders of protection were filed against people accused of domestic violence in Orange County. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement received reports of more than 8,000 offenses of domestic violence.

The president of Harbor House, a safe haven for those affected by domestic violence, related that the number of people likely to be seriously hurt or even killed has increased. Advocates in the field understand that someone who makes it through a dangerous situation today could lose their life tomorrow. They have found a way to help victims feel safer more quickly. More than 30 Harbor House advocates were sworn in at the beginning of January, so they can file official paperwork 24/7 even if the courts are closed.

Although domestic violence continues to pose a serious threat to victims in Orange County, steps are being taken to help victims. A family lawyer might be able to help clients with paperwork and ideas for better protection.

Source: WFTV, "Domestic violence advocates deputized to help victims file court documents 24/7", January 10, 2014

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