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Summer vacation and time sharing

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With summer right around the corner, it is time to think about your time sharing. For a large amount of Time Sharing Plans, there is a date that you are to advise the other parent of your summer plan intentions, be sure you do not miss that date. Even though children are out of school during the summer, this does not mean that all of the parents are out of work, so summer camp may be an issue that you have to deal with, and it may not have been something that was specifically addressed in your Time Sharing Plan. It is always best for the children and their families to be able to resolve time sharing issues without the need of judicial intervention; however, if judicial intervention will be required, recognize that these issues are not considered an emergency by the court; therefore, you need to plan for the judges calendar being very booked and you may not be able to get a hearing in may take months. To find out how time sharing can be resolved for summer issues or any other non-school time, the attorneys at Schwam-Wilcox & Associates can guide you and provide you with the options you have to resolve these types of issues. You can contact the office at or call 407-245-7700 to schedule an appointment to discuss your families individual needs. You can visit our website at:

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