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Does having a criminal past affect my ability to get timesharing/custody of my kids?

A common question we are asked is does having a criminal past affect my ability to get timesharing/custody of my kids, and the answer really is, it depends. Although no one likes that answer it is very true. Did the other parent know of your criminal past prior to having children and chose to have children with you anyway, or is this something that has occurred after having children? What is the crime? It is an activity that could be dangerous to children? After the other parent gained knowledge of your criminal past, did he/she leave the child(ren) in your care? Were you trusted before and now that the relationship is ending is your past now a problem? These are a sample of the types of questions that must be answered before it can be determined if your past will be a problem for your time sharing or not. Here at Schwam-Wilcox & Associates, we can evaluate your responses to these and other questions and advise you of the likelihood of the effect on your time sharing, if any. The combination of having an attorney that practices in family law and criminal law will really be beneficial in cases that have these issues, and we have two (2) attorneys at Schwam-Wilcox & Associates that practice in both areas. For more information and guidance on how we can assist you please call 407-245-7700 or e-mail You can also visit our website at

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