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NBA player settles child custody and child support

For Florida parents who have broken up with the other parent, one of the hardest issues to resolve is child custody. Often, both parents will want to have custody of the child or, at least, visitation rights. Sometimes parents can overcome disagreements between themselves; other times they may need the legal system to step in.

NBA star Paul George recently went through a child custody dispute over his now-seven-month-old daughter. He just came to an agreement with the daughter's mother. The agreement capped what had been a long and all-too-often nasty legal battle between the two.

The agreement addresses both child custody and child support. The details of the report remain vague, but it appears that George and the mother will share custody. The mother will also move closer to George so that he can spend more time with his daughter. It also appears that George will pay child support. Actual terms of their agreement were not reported, but the lawyer of the daughter's mother indicated George was very generous. George, who has been selected as an all-star player twice, earns more than $18 million a year as a player for the Indiana Pacers.

Many Floridians go through child custody and child support disputes. These often occur within the context of divorce, but can difficult as well for parents who were never married. Florida family law attorneys with experience handling these often emotionally difficult cases can help parents to work out solutions that respect the wishes and needs of the parents and, more importantly, keep the best interests of the child as everyone's top priority.

Source: Business2Community, "Paul George Settles Paternity Suit Involving Infant Daughter," Glenn Minnis, Nov. 27, 2014

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