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Ludacris marriage a child custody ploy?

Floridians may recall the rapper Ludacris' many misadventures in child custody and child support. He and a former girlfriend have gone through an ugly on-again-off-again child-custody battle that has marred the rapper's reputation and cast him as a deadbeat bad. The latest fireworks involve allegations of a sham marriage.

Specifically, Ludacris recently got married. Nothing strange about that -- except that Ludacris popped the question and got married on the same day. Ludacris' former girlfriend offered a theory for the expedited sequence. She said the whole thing is a pretext: Ludacris got married so that he could use the loving-family act to muscle custody of their child away from her.

But Ludacris' former flame did not stop there: She also alleged the move is meant to reduce Ludacris' child support. Currently he must pay $7,000 per month. But not that long ago, he unsuccessfully tried to get that number reduced, claiming that he could not afford it. The marriage, according to Ludacris' ex, is just a new, creative way to accomplish what he failed to do in front of a judge: reduce his child support payment. According to her, he wants to do this by getting sole custody and, therefore, ending the need to pay child support at all.

Whatever the reason for Ludacris' recent nuptials, the situation highlights the challenges that may await Floridians with child custody and support in their future. Sometimes those issues are solved amicably, but sometimes not. When amicability goes out the window, things may get worse before they get better.

Fortunately, Floridians do not have to navigate these waters alone. They can seek the help of an experienced hand, someone who knows the way to navigate in and around the squalls to come.

Source:, "Ludacris Marriage A Trick To Get Custody, End Child Support Payments To Tamika Fuller, Says TMZ," Jan. 8, 2015

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