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Suing a domestic abuser in Florida

Victims of domestic violence in Florida can have their lives turned upside down by their abusers. That upheaval has consequences. It can lead to emotional harm, physical harm and financial harm. Victims can seek compensation for that harm through a civil lawsuit.

Many Floridians think that domestic violence is purely a criminal issue. They often think that an abuser can only be charged in a criminal court. Other Floridians know that domestic violence can be a criminal and a civil issue. But, they think that a victim can only bring a civil case, if the government wins its criminal case.

Neither belief is correct. Floridians can bring a civil case independent of whether criminal charges are brought or proven. Take a well-known example -- O.J. Simpson. He was tried and acquitted of criminal charges. Nonetheless, he was later sued in civil court, where he lost and was ordered to pay damages.

Why should victims consider filing a lawsuit against their abuser? For one, being a victim can rob a person of their sense of control. Filling a lawsuit against an abuser can return that sense of control. For another, a lawsuit can provide compensation to help a victim move on with their life. For example, they might be entitled to money to cover lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering and more.

But, filing a lawsuit is not for everyone. A lawsuit can be a stressful experience. Lawsuits involved family members can be especially stressful. Though, it can also provide closure, and that can be essential to moving forward.

Floridians who are suffering from domestic violence do not have to handle it alone. They can get help. To learn more, consider speaking with an experienced family law attorney.

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