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Establishing paternity is important

For many Floridians, having a child is a momentous event, one filled with happiness and excitement for the future. But, in some cases, lingering questions can complicate the event. One question that can throw shade on an otherwise exultant moment is questions about paternity-specifically who the father is. Answering this question can be critical to mother, father and child alike.

Why is establishing paternity essential for mothers, fathers and children alike? For mothers, establishing paternity is important because doing so is the first step toward securing financial support. That is, establishing paternity enables the mother to seek child support from the father.

For fathers, establishing paternity is important because it guarantees that he will have legal rights that will enable him to have a relationship with his child. These rights come in two forms: the right to seek child custody and, if that right is not granted, the right to visitation. A father is guaranteed one or the other except when the father is a danger to the child.

For children, establishing paternity is perhaps most important of all. At the most fundamental level, establishing paternity enables the child to know who his or her father is. Relationally, it enables the child to have a relationship with both parents. And, financially, it increases the financial support a child receives by ensuring that the child receives support from both parents.

As important as establishing paternity may be, sometimes it is not so easy to do. In such cases, we can help. We regularly provide guidance to people in Orlando, Orange County and throughout Florida. We can help protect a person's rights.

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