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Crimes of Enhancement Archives

Crimes of Enhancement

There are some crimes that can be enhanced due to different issues. Crimes, their definitions and elements to be proven are set forth in the Florida statutes. Crimes carry different penalties depending on the degree of severity as determined by our legislatures. However, there are certain crimes that carry a "bumped up" or "enhanced" penalty with each additional conviction under the same statute. We typically refer to such crimes as "crimes of enhancement". Some examples of crimes of enhancement would be: driving under the influence, driving while license suspended or revoked, battery and petty theft. If you are charged with one of the above enumerated crimes more than once, with each additional conviction your penalty/sentence worsens or a misdemeanor can be an automatic felony, so you need to be careful what you plea to in Court. The attorneys at Schwam-Wilcox & Associates can advise you of the type of crime you may be charged with and what the potential is for it being enhanced. You can reach us by calling 407-245-7700 or e-mailing You can also visit our website at