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Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage Archives


The divorce process can be a tumultuous roller coaster that will test every fabric of your emotional, mental and physical capacity. The physical impact of the divorce process is rooted in the emotional and mental stress that many people experience during a divorce. Some divorces are easily resolved, however, some can get downright ugly. With the significant emotions churning when dissolving a marriage many people lose sight of everyone around them, especially their children.

Relocation During Your Florida Divorce

If you have recently moved to Central Florida, the transient nature of its residents may surprise you. Neighbors come and go like seasonal fashion trends. People move here for many reasons. Some relocate to begin new jobs, make a fresh start in life, or because they think it might be fun living so close to Mickey Mouse.

The Risk You Take in Your Florida Divorce

Who doesn't like to be in control? Most of us like to steer our own ships; of course, sometimes events happen that are beyond our control and we must "go with the flow." Given the choice, I believe most people would elect being able to guide what happens to them.

Don't Be Your Own "Detective"

Many people adore the stories, films, and television shows featuring the fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. He has a talent for seeing things that no one else can. His desire for detail is unsurpassed, and Sherlock approaches each case with an emotional detachment which could never be achieved by a person intimately connected to the mystery. Without Sherlock, the people in the middle of these problems would be spinning in circles. This is because most of the time, they are too emotionally compromised to move forward toward a solution by themselves.

Dignity, Holidays, and Parenting

This time of year is infused with tradition, memories (both positive and negative), celebration, and really good food. It would seem that December offers something for everyone regardless of culture or faith, and family is often at the center of these festivities.

Your Florida Divorce: When You Need to Know the Law

A potential client asked a colleague of mine recently, "Why should she hire an attorney and not just "DIY" her divorce. Apparently, the forms available online at the Florida Courts website, coupled with the self-help center in Orange County, caused this person to question whether it was necessary to retain the services of a lawyer in her Florida divorce.

The Right Lawyer Can Make A Difference

What do you believe your divorce should look like? Do you believe it should be respectful or war-like? Litigious or peaceful? Of course, you may believe divorces are an ugly business, full of game-playing and legal maneuvering. You may be preparing for the emotional and financial fallout you think inevitably follows a divorce.