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Unmarried Couples Archives

Unmarried Couples

Unmarried couples with children have the same issues regarding time sharing and child support as married couples. it's fundamental for your child(ren)'s future well-being that you try to reach a compromise about issues of timesharing, visitation and support. Going forward with this in a constructive and civilized way may be a great challenge for some; however, your ability to do this is the a gift you can give to your children. If the unmarried couple are considered legal parents, (either because you are both biological parents, because you have jointly adopted your child, or because the non-biological parent has been able to obtain legally valid stepparent or second-parent adoption) your child-related disputes will normally be handled the same way as if you were a divorcing married couple. The court will order that both legal parents retain parental responsibility. This means each parent has equal authority over the key decisions in the child's life, as well as a legal obligation to care for and support the child. You and your former partner can make time sharing arrangements voluntarily; however; if your efforts are frustrated by the actions of the other parent, you may request the judge to order a time sharing arrangement. In every state, both legal parents are required to support their children, regardless of whether they were married when the child was born. The amount of child support awarded will depend on how much each parent makes and child-related expenses. If support isn't paid voluntarily, the parent with the need and legal right to receive support, can sue the nonpaying parent to obtain a court order setting the amount of child support the nonpaying parent must pay. In the State of Florida, if a parent does not pay, but has the ability to do so, the nonpaying parent can be faced with criminal charges, and/or a suspension of his/her driver's license, which can become criminal in nature. For more information, please contact Camy B. Schwam-Wilcox, P.A., where experienced lawyers can assist you with your needs, but most importantly, your child's needs. You can visit our website at

Unmarried couples with children

The increasing rate of unmarried couples with children has brought attention to the legal issues that go along with paternity with children. Several of these issues include, and are not limited to, custody orders to secure the legal rights with and for the children, legal ramification of a couples' separation, government benefits for a child of unmarried parents, representation of the child on one or both unmarried parents' tax returns, and paternity or DNA testing.