Florida Dependency Lawyers

Vulnerable children are sometimes found to be in a very sad state of neglect with chronic lice, malnourishment, lacking eyeglasses or other medical care, and living in squalid conditions. Many agencies and professionals have mandatory reporting requirements, which means that if child neglect, abuse or abandonment is seen, it must be reported.

Camy B. Schwam-Wilcox is an Orlando child neglect lawyer and former prosecutor who is often appointed by the court to act as a guardian of a child who has been abused, abandoned or neglected. She represents parents or third parties (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) when there are reports of abuse, abandonment or neglect of children.

In some instances, parental rights will be removed, and the children will be placed up for adoption. Attorney Schwam-Wilcox can help ensure that the child is taken care of properly, be it by a parent or third party.​

Child Abuse Defense and False Allegations

In some instances, there is a non-valid claim of abuse or neglect from the non-custodial parent who wishes to either obtain custody of the children or enact revenge on the other parent. The Florida court’s typical goal is for reunification of a parent with a child. Camy B. Schwam-Wilcox is an experienced Orlando child neglect lawyer who represents parents accused of child abuse, abandonment or neglect.

Reuniting a child with a parent can be accomplished with the help of a skilled attorney. There are a few actions which may help to either defend the child abuse claim or to establish the parent as being fit to care for the child:

  • Learn parenting skills — There are classes a parent can take to learn appropriate parenting skills.
  • Use social services — If there are chemical dependencies, financial needs or other issues, there may be social services available to assist you in your time of need.
  • Complete a case plan — We will work with you to create an appropriate case plan in order to give you the skills necessary to properly care for your child(ren) and then it will be your job to successfully complete your plan.
  • Reunification — A family or parent can often be reunified with their child or children if certain requirements are met. We can help you meet those requirements.

If the case plan isn’t created or is not followed, it is possible that your parental rights will be terminated.

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