Fathers’ rights in Florida

There is a myth that mothers have the upper hand in divorce, child custody and visitationchild supportpaternity, and other cases. That is not true. The law provides a level playing field for both sides. If there is any bias at all, it is in favor of the child. The goal is to do what is in the best interest of the child, and more often than not, that means protecting the child’s relationship with both mother and father. While the law may be unbiased, the players involved may not be; therefore, it is important that if you are a man, you have a skilled fathers’ rights attorney on your side at all times. 

At Schwam-Wilcox & Associates we are dedicated to assisting fathers with ensuring their relationship with their children is strong, and if they are the proper parent to have a higher percentage of time-sharing we will assist them in attempting to achieve that goal. When you choose our attorneys to handle your case, we will review all of the details. We will help you explore your options for protecting your relationship with your child. We can represent husbands going through a divorce, as well as unmarried fathers. Contrary to popular belief, a father has equal rights to a child even if he was never married to the mother, as long as he gets adjudicated the father by a judge. If you are a father worried that your relationship with your child is in jeopardy, contact an attorney to learn about your legal rights

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