Fathers have rights too

Still today there is a misconception that Mothers have superior rights to children against unmarried Fathers. This is simply not the case.  PARENTS have equal rights to their child/children, whether they are married or not. Unmarried fathers, however, do have an extra step to take before the court will give them their equal rights to rear their child/children.  It is imperative for Fathers to get their legal adjudication. This is for the legal proof that they are the “legal” Father of the child/children.  Fathers should take the steps to become the legal Father whether they are in an intact relationship with the Mother or not.  Most Fathers do not do this because it seems unnecessary. However, if the relationship falls apart, they now have to scramble to obtain the legal designation before the Mother leaves the county, state or even the country. 

Why not start on an even playing field, protect yourself against having to “fight” for time-sharing.  People have health insurance, life insurance, and will “just in case,” so consider having a legal designation “just in case” as well. Obtaining the legal designation with an intact relationship is a quick, easy process, it becomes hostile and complicated once the relationship falls apart. 

At Schwam-Wilcox & Associates we have assisted hundreds of Fathers with obtaining their legal rights, let us assist you today.  When you’re going through your worst, we are at our Best!

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