The unfortunate “collateral damage” during a dissolution or “splitting –up” is that the children suffer when their parents separate. Parents must be cognizant of the emotional toll divorce and separation takes on their children and their inability to process this information like an adult. Imagine how much more intensified their fear of the unknown is than an adult dealing with the same situation.
Separated parents have the difficult task of managing their own emotions along with the emotions of their children through an extremely difficult situation. Achieving and managing the appropriate balance can be a daunting task. The parents that do it well have worked diligently to be extremely cognizant and observant of their children’s emotions. All children manage time-sharing between parents differently. Some children are surprisingly resilient and adjust exceptionally well. Other children struggle with this transition and quite frankly may never fully adjust. What often complicates matters is that the children feel trapped in the middle between two individuals that they love dearly. Ultimately, the children, in many circumstances, feel betrayed because their parents’ inability to work things out has caused this significant change in their lives. The children harbor resentment towards both parents and this emotion, compounded with the emotions existing between the parents themselves, makes for a toxic situation.
In most circumstances, your children will give you clear indicators of where they are emotionally. The problems is that most parents are so consumed with their own adjustments to life after separation that the signals and indicators from the children go unrecognized or even worse get simply ignored or disregarded. As difficult as it may seem, you have an obligation as a parent to insulate and shield your children from as much of the court litigation as possible. Your children will feed off of your anger, anxiety and any other outward emotion you express. You should be consciously aware of your emotional displays and the impact they may have on your children. Furthermore, you should work diligently to pay close attention to your children’s emotions and help them through this significant transformation in their lives. Remember that vast resources for counseling and therapy exist in central Florida for both you and your children. Do not be hesitant or afraid to reach out to professionals that are highly skilled and can provide the assistance you and your children may require to foster a healthy, loving and productive bond, even after separation from the other parent.
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