For those of you that have completed your divorce or paternity case you likely are breathing a huge sigh of relief. All of the fighting and stress is over, and you have a Final Judgment and a court ordered or approved parenting plan that has solved all of the issues between you, the other parent and your children, right? For some of you the above statements ring true; however, for many people the struggle continues on, post-judgment. Unfortunately, even the best parenting plans might not forecast and plan for every possible situation you may encounter with the other parent and your children. Many of those situations involve the need for extending your family’s counseling and therapy post-judgment.
In a good number of cases the Court orders or the parties agree to some form of counseling and/or therapy. The benefits for your family are significant; however, when the case closes the monitoring and enforcement of these provisions sometimes vanishes. When the case is pending, some Judges set frequent status conferences to monitor the progress of the sessions and even require the treating professional to attend Court to apprise the Judge of how the family is performing in the sessions or require that status reports be filed. Once the case closes the periodic updates and management by the Court no longer exist unless the Court reserves jurisdiction on these matters and sets future hearings. People become complacent and without upcoming status hearings the positive advancement towards proper co-parenting goals ceases and often erodes away.
There are a number of specialized programs offered by area professionals that focus in post-judgment family therapy. Some of the programs incorporate all members of the family including incorporating new spouses or new romantic partners of the parents to achieve a comprehensive and complete strategy to meet the family’s needs. This is vital in post-judgment family therapy. Remember that all parties involved in your children’s lives should form a unified front. Your family’s growth and advancement does not end on the day your Final Judgment is entered. Remain active and utilize the correct professionals to achieve continued and long lasting healing for your family.
If you are experiencing post-judgment co-parenting issues, problems with time-sharing, or you have questions about counseling and therapy options we are here to help. Please contact us today. For more information please contact the Law Firm of Schwam-Wilcox & Associates by calling 407-245-7700, by e-mailing or by visiting the website at

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