The divorce process in Florida (collaborative model)

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The divorce process in Florida does not have to be an adversarial process, it can be more like a business meeting with the assistance of professionals. The Collaborative process has been around since the 1980’s. 

If you want to work together for a resolution and have the benefit of experts working for the family this is the process for you.  In the divorce process in Florida both parties would hire a coach (attorney) to facilitate the process and to provide them with legal advise.  Each collaborative case has a team of professionals. At a minimum added to the coaches is a mental health neutral and a financial neutral.  The mental health professional will typically run the meetings and take notes.  The Financial neutral will collect all of the financial data to assist the clients with their equitable distribution, alimony, child support and attorney fee claims.  The mental health professional will assist the parties with a parenting plan if there are children involved.

Each meeting will last for 2 hours and there will be as many meetings needed to resolve the case.  Sometimes there is a need for a mediation, a Guardian at Litem or other professionals to assist the parties with resolution.  There is complete transparency and the team works together for a resolution.  Parties report that they are able to salvage a relationship with one another with more ease when they participate in a collaborate case versus the traditional litigation.

Learn more about the collaboration process by reading our website page, or contacting one of our attorneys to discuss the same.

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