To Vote or Not to Vote

Voting is right around the corner, and there are always a few items on the ballot that you do not know who to vote for, or what to vote for. Is it better to just pick someone because they are first on the ballot? No, they are listed in alphabetical order. Do you just vote for the name that sounds catchy? No, a catchy name does not mean that person is qualified for the job. It is best not to guess when you vote. There are ways to educate yourself about the people who are running for office. It is my opinion that it is crucial to make sure the people in office are doing their job, and doing it well on the local level, as that is where you can feel the greatest effect. As an attorney, I welcome the opportunity to educate anyone on why one candidate is better than the other pursuant to my experience practicing before the incumbent, or litigating against the opponent. As stated, it is just my opinion based on my experience; therefore, you should speak to more than one person, that you can trust, to get a full rounded opinion on each candidate. If you cannot obtain information that you find useful by asking questions, you can look at each candidate’s website and learn more about them there.
It is a serious election, and it is not only important to get out and vote for the president, it is just as important to be sure that your state is running efficiently by the governor you select, and that justice is being served by the judge that you select.
Be proud to be an American and exercise you right to vote, that is not something you can do in every country.

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