Virtual Mediation Is The New Normal

Virtual Mediation

Due to the “new normal” a lot of legal proceeding are now virtual.  Mediation is happening virtually, and it is actually a very positive change.  Clients feel more comfortable in their home environment.  There is no stress about finding a location, parking, cost for parking, running late, etc.

Virtual mediation is structured, unlike a “zoom party” with your friends; therefore, before the date of the mediation you will want to practice the process with your attorney. This will make you feel comfortable with the technology.

As a mediator, I find that virtual mediations are something that will remain in the practice.  Yes, face-to-face is the preferred option, but there are no costs to travel to the state of venue, and people are more comfortable. This will help them make better, more effective, clear decisions for themselves and their families.

If you need a mediator, Schwam-Wilcox & Associates offers a sliding scale to meet any financial need.  You can have a full day mediation, or a half day mediation. There are no two families alike. 

“When you’re going through your worst, we are at our Best!”

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