Virtual Trials: The “New Normal”
Virtual Trials

Due to the “new normal” most legal proceedings are now virtual.  Trials are also virtual in many jurisdictions.  Virtual trials take a lot of preparation. You and your attorney will have to be diligent about discovery, evidence, and what witnesses you want to testify on your behalf.   Witnesses have been more willing to be involved because they do not even have to leave their homes, or jobs.They can appear via Zoom or Teams

For the most effective and efficient trial, you should practice the virtual courtroom procedure ahead of time with your legal team.  You should know how screen share works, so you can testify about documents. 

You should know that there is ALWAYS a live microphone for virtual meetings, unless you have muted yourself.  It’s imperative you be very careful when communicating with your attorney, or witnesses during the proceedings.  The rules of evidence, courtroom decorum and procedure are still the same.  The Court appreciates when clients dress respectfully as if they are in court.  There are little do’s and don’ts about virtual hearings that you should review with your attorney prior to your trial, or contested hearing.  The day of your hearing should not be the day you learn how to navigate with zoom or Teams.

At Schwam-Wilcox & Associates we are ready to assist you during these challenging times. We can help you with your technology for the most productive hearings and or trials possible.

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